September 14, 2019

A health risk to being vegan?

Today marks my 26th veganniversary -- I had my last non-vegan meal on this date (September 14th) in 1993 and I've been on the vegan bandwagon ever since. For the first time since I've been vegan, there is research (that I know of) saying there is a negative health risk to this diet: a slight increase of the likelihood of having a stroke among vegans (and vegetarians) as compared to meat eaters or fish eaters.

How much does this research change the overall calculus? Like I said, this marks the first time I've ever heard of a health risk being found regarding a vegan diet, and the needle hasn't changed (as far as I know) regarding the myriad other impacts on health and the environment. For me, for now, the benefits still outweigh the negatives, and I haven't been convinced enough to leave the vegan bandwagon. That could change (I frankly doubt it, but you never know) -- and being open-minded and keeping aware and letting the science guide one's choices are still, for me, the best approach.