May 1, 2016

Introducing Nicediceware


I am a fan of Diceware, "a method for picking passphrases that uses dice to select words at random from a special list called the Diceware Word List. Each word in the list is preceded by a five digit number. All the digits are between one and six, allowing you to use the outcomes of five dice rolls to select a word from the list."

In the very first sentence of the Diceware home page, Diceware boasts being "easy to remember". Personally speaking, in my instances of using the English-language list of Diceware, I have not found this to be the case. I found myself straining to recall some of the words, and also finding a bit irksome that no words were longer than six characters; come on, this isn't 1995 anymore, computer memory limits aren't what they used to be. As I posted on Facebook, "my criticisms of Diceware itself are (1) that the words are sometimes abstract and thus harder to remember, (2) and the words themselves tend to be short and conceivably easier to crack. Someone should make a variant of Diceware where the words are concrete terms or names, and the words are not restricted to six characters in length."

I decided to be that someone. Introducing Nicediceware, a nicer version of Diceware that I created. It's nicer in that the words in the first Nicediceware list are on the whole more concrete or specific and hopefully easier to remember, and words aren't restricted to a maximum of six letters in length.

This first Nicediceware list is in Github, so people can create their own lists and/or make revisions to this list as pull requests (which are welcome). Plus, I have tried to make clear that this list is English-language-centric and America-centric since its creator speaks English most of the time and lives in America. I have made clear in the filename the language of origin and country of origin. I ask that future Nicediceware files follow this convention. Also note: this Nicediceware word list is subject to change; I have made this first list version 1.0.0 (noted in the very first line of the file). I expect future wordlist updates will follow version updates.

I plan to write in a subsequent post how I created this list, but for now, give it a try and let me know what you think. Thanks!