March 26, 2016

My Favorite Movie Quote: DMHYDWYP

The Hollywood Reporter recently released their list of what they deemed to be the best movie quotes from the history of Hollywood. Of course, the American Film Institute also has its vaunted list of what it deems the greatest movie quotes of all time.

But both lists omitted my personal favorite movie quote of all time. It's easy to miss because it's from a movie little considered now (for good reason) -- the 1988 movie License to Drive. The movie has one, and only one, redeeming facet -- this quote:

Does Mommy hold your dicks when you piss?

The quote justly earns low marks for its scatology, its childishness, its impropriety in most social settings, and more than a twinge of sexism. Still, it's my personal favorite because I find it so eminently useful in so many circumstances. It's certainly not the most polite thing to say out loud, but it's nothing that an abbreviation can't fix. Therefore, I propose taking the initials of our quote to craft:

DMHYDWYP (pronounced "dim hid whip")

You may now commence using this for all appropriate circumstances.