May 23, 2011

I didn't expect to find the best veggie burger of my life at a Boston sports bar, but...

Four days in Boston of parties, media reform activism, networking, and baby chasing amidst the 5th National Conference for Media Reform left us tired and hungry on the afternoon of Sunday, April 10th, still with a day to spare before we would leave town.

The problem was, we were at the Boston waterfront, which is renowned for its affinity for fish (I suspect being so close to the ocean may have something to do with that), and I, having been vegan since September 1993, didn't expect to find anything (or much of anything) to eat. Worse, the nearest non-hotel restaurant we could find within ready walking distance was a sports bar, which made me even more leery of finding anything to eat, never mind anything worth writing a blog post about.

Suffice it to say, I was very happy to be proved wrong. The restaurant we found and ate at, Jerry Remy's at the Boston Seaport, had the best veggie burger in my entire life. For one, the sandwich was big, stunningly so (I like big portions). The menu (online in PDF and in Scribd!) boasts it as "house-made organic", and it comprised a delectable combination of grains, vegetables, and legumes -- even full cloves of garlic. Score! And it being a sports bar on a Sunday afternoon, they had lots of sports to watch; I was pleased to see games involving the Tigers and Red Wings on TV at the time. Score!

I asked to speak with the manager, a gentleman with the last name Mitchell (grin), and informed him that I would write up a post of praise on my blog. Mr. Mitchell kindly told me a little bit of the behind-the-scenes regarding the restaurant, which accounts for why the burger was so good.

When in Boston, visit Jerry Remy's Seaport (not to be confused by Jerry Remy's across from Fenway Park).