June 19, 2008

Letter of the Week in Time Out Chicago magazine

As someone involved in the Chicago political activist community, I appreciated seeing the "Building a better protest" cover on the May 15-21 issue of Time Out Chicago. I'm glad to see that political activism in Chicago gets some positive coverage in a town whose corporate media tend to dismiss or downplay grassroots political activism.

However, I felt that Time Out Chicago should have given more local focus in its selection of local activst groups. Not to take anything away from the Chicago-area chapters of PETA or Greenpeace or A.N.S.W.E.R., but those are groups with local chapters all over America. In a magazine that's supposed to be about Chicago, I think that Time Out Chicago should have highlighted more of the uniquely Chicago-based political activist groups that are doing good work and deserve wider awareness.

-- Mitchell Szczepanczyk