August 22, 1999

This used to be my ACFWeb page, but...

something happened one day. I'm not exactly sure what. Apparently, the file that had my collection of ACFWeb links got corrupted one day. The HTML just stopped in mid-file. As a result, the page ended, and I wasn't terribly astute in making a backup for that page (a lesson learned the hard way).

However, there may still be people who would expect the ACFWeb to be present. I would offer my apologies to the three or four of you out there. It's just that I don't have the heart to restart the web page--I'd rather work on learning. Moreover, there's a much cooler webpage maintained by Dwight Kidder that has a LOT of informative and interesting links, so there's no real vacuum that needs to be filled. To be sure, I could make such a page of my own, but see above.

Thanks for understanding.